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John Wesley in Osmotherley

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Osmotherley Methodist Church was founded by a group of Methodists who formed a society there following the influence of John Wesley who visited Osmotherley 17 times. It is one of the earliest Chapels in Methodism, being built in 1754 - a fact very clearly indicated by the engraving on the lintel of the entrance door.

The building might not look much like a church to those who are unaware of the history of Methodism in the United Kingdom, but it was not built as a 'church' as such, but as a society meeting house. In John Wesley's day, the Methodists consisted of 'classes' or small groups of people who wished to read and study the Bible and pray together. They sought to develop their 'scriptural holiness' and thereby avoid the 'wrath that is to come'.

It was much later, after Mr Wesley had died, that the pressures became overwhelming and the Methodist Societies became a new denomination of Church. But it must be said that John Wesley was always strongly against such a move.

But what drew Mr. Wesley to visit in the first place? This is a strange event, for in fact it was no Anglican who invited him there but a Fransican monk who had heard 'so many strange accounts of the Methodists' that he must find out for himself just who this man was. So he called on Mr. Wesley, after which he 'returned home fully satisfied with his journey'.

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