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Find Osmotherley Methodist Chapel by following these simple instructions:

If you are driving:

1. Approaching Osmotherley from Northallerton via the A684 Stokesley Road - be careful not to take the turning off to the left towards the A19 but stay on the main road and drive under the road bridge and then take the next right towards Osmotherley village. Please observe the speed restrictions (it's 20mph max. in the village itself) and continue into the village centre either parking on the left or right of the main road. (If there are no obvious spaces there then do try the side streets but note that these are quite narrow and residents will rightly object if you block their access!)

2. Approaching from the North or South on the A19 - take the exit to Osmotherley and follow the signs to the A684. If you are coming from the South you will turn left at the A684 go under the road bridge and take the first right. If you are coming from the North you will take the first left after the slip road, signposted Osmotherley. Again, park in the village centre being careful not to cause any obstructions or nuisance.

Once parked, find Osmotherley Methodist Church by walking up to the small 'island' in the centre of the village - it has a monument on it which was once a cross and also a stone table. You should be able to see the war memorial or cenotaph standing just across the road in front of a row of houses. Just behind this, between two of the cottages, is a passage (ginnel, snicket or alley - depending where you come from!) This is locally known as 'Chapel Passage' and if you look at the header photo on this website, the right-hand image shows what you are looking for. The small black notice above the passage entrance shows the way. Walk up this passage for about 100 metres and you will find the Chapel on the left - as per the photo on the left hand side of the header image.

If you wish to use Satellite Navigation then I suggest you simply select Osmotherley, North Yorkshire and allow your SatNav to take you to the village centre from where the above instructions will guide you to find Osmotherley Methodist Church along the Chapel Passage.

If you are in search of a longer break or holiday, touring the area, you might be interested in A Dales Journey which describes the route taken by John Wesley in June 1761. More details can be found here.