John Wesley in Osmotherley and how the church came to be built...

We have recently dug out some very old documents which give information about the Church and how it came to be built etc. I am really looking forward to reading these through - it's not easy as they are very old, the writing is faint and in beautiful (but not easy for our generation to read) copperplate script. I hope to share some of this with you just as soon as I can decipher it all and make sense of it - it is a legal document after all....

Last year the webmaster obtained the original 'Methodist Society's Book' Commencing 1750... It hadn't exactly been lost, but someone had been keeping it safely as a precious heirloom of this Church. It truly is a gem and is mentioned in several other documents pertaining to the Osmotherley Methodist Church. It has some really fascinating entries and is full of fascinating details regarding those who preached in the chapel over the period from 1750 until the final entry is "1964/69 Ian Mason". It is not entirely complete in its coverage but particularly useful up to the end of the 18th Century and then becomes more sparse in its entries. It would be very helpful for those who have ancestors who were Methodists, Preachers or Ministers in the Yorkshire area or those who are doing research about Methodism and the early Societies. There are three ways of being able to find out more: a) purchase a copy of the Kindle book "John Wesley in Osmotherley" from the Amazon store. The Kindle version is only an introduction as its description suggests so if you want the whole thing you need to go to b) the "Document access" page on this site and purchase the full version or c) the original 'Society's Book' which will be deposited shortly in the North Yorkshire Record Office based in Northallerton and available for viewing either in the flesh or as an eDocument. Please use the "Contact Us" page to find out full details of location (or search for it online) - if you contact us first though we will be able to tell you if the book is actually in the Record Office at present!

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