New look website and documents

Anyone who has been monitoring this site over the last month might have noticed some fairly dramatic changes! I am working hard to get the website updated and it is now open for business to make available some valuable documents that we have and wish to make publicly available - especially for researchers into Methodist history and especially John Wesley. If you go to the Document access page here you will find some interesting offers. Currently there is a special 30% Discount on the eBook "John Wesley in Osmotherley" but that will expire at the end of June or when the countdown timer arrives at zero. I think the page is self explanatory!

Over time I shall be adding content and making new documents and items available. There is a lot of work to do and anyone who is involved or wishes to be involved in analysing and writing out the text from some of these documents would be welcome to contact me (via 'Contact Us' page) and let me know what you are doing, so that we might collaborate and avoid doing double work! I welcome enquiries and interest and if you Register on the sit​e (for Free - via the Document access page - scroll down to the bottom) you will be able to receive a monthly Newsletter and access to other updates that might not be available to the casual viewer.

I look forward to hearing from Wesley enthusiasts and Researchers alike! I would like this site to become a focus for discussion and interchange of ideas and am reflecting on different possibilities for enabling online discussion (there are many options!).

By the way, if you don't know me, I am the Revd Robert Gee, currently working as a Hospital Chaplain but formerly a Circuit Minister in the Thirsk & Northallerton Circuit as minister with Pastoral Charge of Osmotherley Methodist Society amongst others. It was due to my relationship with the building and the people that I hit upon this way of making their story more widely known. During my research I discovered many interesting documents and felt that they should have a wider airing. Hence this site.... enjoy!​

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