Better late than never!

We're in business! Better late than never, eh? It was just after 1am this morning that I finally cleared the Document access page of the counter and other warnings! I had planned to launch at 00:00 but it didn't quite just happen. Right up until the last moments some of the technical bits were still going on the blink - and it isn't just on this website! Trying to get Word doing the right thing is, at times, very frustrating. Sometimes things just don't want to work!

BUT now it's almost done - still some background bits to make it all fluid etc but you can now purchase online. DO let me know if you suffer any difficulties.... please. I'm here to help.

New look website and documents

Anyone who has been monitoring this site over the last month might have noticed some fairly dramatic changes! I am working hard to get the website updated and it is now open for business to make available some valuable documents that we have and wish to make publicly available - especially for researchers into Methodist history and especially John Wesley. If you go to the Document access page here you will find some interesting offers. Currently there is a special 30% Discount on the eBook "John Wesley in Osmotherley" but that will expire at the end of June or when the countdown timer arrives at zero. I think the page is self explanatory!

Over time I shall be adding content and making new documents and items available. There is a lot of work to do and anyone who is involved or wishes to be involved in analysing and writing out the text from some of these documents would be welcome to contact me (via 'Contact Us' page) and let me know what you are doing, so that we might collaborate and avoid doing double work! I welcome enquiries and interest and if you Register on the sit​e (for Free - via the Document access page - scroll down to the bottom) you will be able to receive a monthly Newsletter and access to other updates that might not be available to the casual viewer.

I look forward to hearing from Wesley enthusiasts and Researchers alike! I would like this site to become a focus for discussion and interchange of ideas and am reflecting on different possibilities for enabling online discussion (there are many options!).

By the way, if you don't know me, I am the Revd Robert Gee, currently working as a Hospital Chaplain but formerly a Circuit Minister in the Thirsk & Northallerton Circuit as minister with Pastoral Charge of Osmotherley Methodist Society amongst others. It was due to my relationship with the building and the people that I hit upon this way of making their story more widely known. During my research I discovered many interesting documents and felt that they should have a wider airing. Hence this site.... enjoy!​

We’ve moved!

Welcome to Osmotherley Methodist Church's website. It has recently migrated to a new host server and this post is to inform you of that and the situation regarding the site generally.

I am in the process of investigating several documents that have come to hand over the last few months and other duties have delayed me in processing these and getting information on to this site and making this site a final product. Apologies for that.

Hopefully it will soon be possible to view PDF copies of various precious documents which have come to light - we are still investigating copyright and other issues so until I have definitive answers on this I am withholding copies. We hope to make the Record of Preachers dating from 1750 available online as soon as possible.

Should you wish for any information about the Church or the history thereof in the near future then please contact me via the 'Contact Us' page.

A fond farewell

St Peter's Church in Osmotherley was packed today to celebrate the life of Jean Mary Corner. Jean has been a loyal member at Osmotherley Methodist Church for many years and she is sorely missed.

Jean Mary Corner

Jean was only 64 years old when she died on 12th August 2013 and it has been a shock to all of us - but most especially to the close family, for whom we have the deepest sympathy.

Jean's illness is one of the reasons why our Coffee mornings on Saturdays during the Summer have had to be cancelled because Jean was a stalwart of these events, producing delicious cheese scones (for which she was 'famous') and acting as one of the key people - always there and always willing.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Billy and the children and all relatives and friends at this time. May Jean rest in peace and rise in glory!

Note: The service was led by Revd Andrew Bryer, Methodist Minister with Pastoral Charge of Osmotherley Methodist Church and the undertakers were Wilson, Willoughby and Wetherills of 223 High Street, Northallerton DL7 8LU

Pilgrimage to view the Lindisfarne Gospels

Our annual pilgrimage this year was a trip to Durham to see the Lindisfarne Gospels which are on display in the 'Palace Green Library' near the Cathedral. Each year the Churches Together in Osmotherley arrange a Pilgrimage, which might be around the village, up to the Lady Chapel or as last year, a visit to Ampleforth since our (then) Catholic Priest was a Benedictine Monk from Ampleforth.

So, on a hot sunny afternoon our coach traveled from Ingleby Arncliffe via Osmotherley, picking up passengers and going by a scenic route to the beautiful city of Durham. It couldn't have been a better day for it!

After some queuing to enter the exhibition, the wait relieved by the light-hearted banter of a well-trained security man, we entered the cooler and quieter environment of the 'library' building. The exhibition was beautifully and very carefully presented with zoned areas to allow controlled access for the visitors. However, I never felt 'controlled' or delayed in my progress and we went at our own pace, just held back for a few minutes occasionally as we waited for people to trickle through ahead of us to avoid overcrowding. It was very well managed. Disabled access was well managed and there were fold-up seats available for those who might need to sit on their way through the exhibition - these can be obtained just before the entry into the exhibition having gone into the building - ask a member of staff if you are uncertain. These seats are a blessing for those who find standing difficult for any length of time. A great idea.

The exhibition tells the story of the Gospels and other important religious texts used by the early English Christians especially in the North and on Holy Island (Lindisfarne). It tells the development and changes in the establishment of the monastery on the island and the progress and changes in the Christian scene across England. There was no need for preparatory reading before visiting, though if you wish to do so it might enhance your visit. The exhibition stands on its own.

The highlights for me were: "The St Cuthbert Gospel, also known as the Stonyhurst Gospel or the St Cuthbert Gospel of St John, (which) is a 7th-century pocket gospel book, written in Latin. Its finely decorated leather binding is the earliest known Western bookbinding to survive, and both the 94 vellum folios and the binding are in outstanding condition for a book of this age." (quoted from Wikipedia and see  for further information) Considering that it was in St Cuthbert's coffin alongside the holy Saint for over 400 years it is an amazing item. It is not certain that Cuthbert ever read it but simply surviving in the condition it has makes it quite remarkable. (I must admit to being a great admirer of St Cuthbert and therefore somewhat biased!)

I was also staggered to see the incredible intricacy and beauty of St Cuthbert's cross. "This Pectoral Cross was removed from the coffin of St Cuthbert on the last occasion that it was opened on Thursday 17th May 1827. Made of gold the stones are garnets. The cross was discovered deeply buried amongst the robes on the breast. A portion of the silk cord, twisted with gold, by which it had been suspended, was found upon the breast. A tradition, however, says the bones were not St Cuthbert's these having been removed to safety in another part of the cathedral some time between 1542 and 1558. But the cross may well still have been his, placed with another body as a "ruse"" (quoted from the Durham Cathedral website)

Finally, at the end of the exhibition we were able to view the complete Lindisfarne Gospels which, as a book of its age, is remarkable. Unfortunately, because of strict conservation principles (quite rightly) being observed, we were only able to view two pages and these are not as colourful and intricate as some. However, the book is a wonder and you can see the images of the whole gospel in several electronic displays in the exhibition so there is always the possibility of viewing your 'favourite' page! A good way to do this is by going to the Wolfson gallery after you have left the exhibition itself. Entry is free and the gallery displays give children and their families a taste of what it was like to live like medieval monastics. Children and adults can dress as ninth-century monks, create their own Gospel carpet page using light boxes and examine the gospel book in detail using state-of-the-art turning-the-pages technology. There is also a detailed display showing how such gospels were constructed from animal skins and the use of materials to make the ink, the colours used and the writing of the book and finally its binding. Well worth a look. Ask a member of staff if you don't know where the gallery is located - access should be available to all. Memorabilia such as books and other items can be purchased either in the Cathedral shop or in the Exhibition shop which you can access at the end of the exhibition.

So, we had a wonderful afternoon out as a group. I managed to sneak a view down in the Catherdral too where there were also photographic exhibitions and St Cuthbert's shrine. We arrived back in Osmotherley at around 18.40 tired but very happy! Many thanks to our driver Dave!

Important news – Coffee and Chat

We are very sorry to announce that due to ill health on the part of one or two of our members of the team we are having to close the Coffee and Chat for the time being. Normally we would have a regular slot on Saturdays from 10 to 12 noon.

I am very sad to announce this but we don't want people coming along and being disappointed. If it is possible to restart then you will see it first here!

I want to express my thanks to all the ladies (and they are all ladies) who have been so dedicated to opening the Chapel, baking cakes and scones etc and generally making so many people welcome over the years.

I do hope this will not be a permanent closure of the service but we are very short of helpers and it is impossible to run without helpers. We do hope you will understand and would like to thank all of those who have been loyal supporters in the past.

Coffee and Chat

Our Coffee and Chat morning went well on Saturday 22nd June. We had a goodly number of visitors from the village who are loyal supporters - even one of the local dogs apparently knows when it's time to bring his owners out for the weekly visit!

We had some holidaymakers too, enjoying the variable British Summer climate! Our webmaster spent some time in conversation with another visitor who had come to sample our chairs as he had been advised that they were very comfortable! (He is looking for a source of such for a village hall group). I showed him the visitors book and some of the significant visitors that we have had over the years. Several Presidents of the Methodist Conference and even the President Designate for this years upcoming Conference in London this year. Gems that you can only easily see by visiting the Church itself (though there will be a few 'glimpses' shown on one of the pages soon... watch this site!)

We are looking forward to a visit by a Primary School on Tuesday 25th June. Welcome to Kirby Hill C of E Primary School!

Summer coffee mornings

It's that time of year when the walkers are out in force, cyclists abound and tourists throng the village! Yes - it's Summer! Osmotherley thrives in summertime as visitors abound.

But another event takes place too... Osmotherley Methodist Church open their doors each Saturday morning for refreshments. Tea, coffee, (even peppermint tea if you ask nicely - because that's the minister's tipple) and scones, cakes and other delicious treats.

We welcome people from all over the area and in fact, all over the world. (See our visitors book for some interesting entries) You too would be very welcome... all proceeds in aid of Church funds.

Christian Aid Soup Lunch

It's Saturday, the day before the start of Christian Aid week, and it's Osmotherley Churches Together Soup Lunch! How exciting is that?!

Last year we enjoyed delicious home-made soups of various types and flavours - try a new variety - they were all delicious and we are looking forward to todays....

Fresh home-baked bread too - you can't beat it!

If your mouth is watering.... sorry but you will have to wait a few hours - lunch kicks off from around noon!