A Dales Journey

A Dales Journey in the footsteps of John Wesley

A Dales Journey  is the title of a new leaflet which is available to download - just click on the blue link above.

It tells the story, through the locations of Methodist Societies in the area, of a period in 1761 when 'John Wesley visited the societies of his established Dales Circuit in Allendale, Weardale and Teesdale before travelling south via Osmotherley and Yarm. Their chapels, five of the oldest in the world are still in use by Methodists today.

Wesley's journals tell a fascinating story of the period between June 8th and June 22nd 1761 and there is a map on the leaflet (PDF format) which shows his journey over that period as he travelled from his base in Newcastle around the Dales and then after returning to Newcastle, his progress south via Darlington, Yarm and Osmotherley, calling in on the way to view the ruins of Mount Grace Priory, mentioned elsewhere on this site.

You are encouraged to follow the route in whatever way you wish, by car (where feasible) on foot (for the very fit?) or by bicycle. After all, if John Wesley could do the journey on horseback in the eighteenth century it should be more than possible for us! You could turn it into a very pleasant holiday with the added interest of following up on Methodist heritage in the area. Methodism had a strong influence in the Dales in Wesley's time and still does today!